How can I participate in the VKC project?

It is easy to become involved with the Virtual Key to the Compositae project. You can:

1. Download the current list (list of characters) of characters and characters states to be used for the key to the US Compositae, and send comments, corrections, or additions to help make the list as comprehensive as possible.

2. Check the terminology related to the morphology of the Compositae as it appears in the Glossary page and contribute to it by adding missing terms, correcting current ones or expanding their definition by means of furthering the explanation on any given described character, adding illustrations or literature references.

3. Actively participate in the construction of the virtual key to the US Compositae. Simply email us at [info (at)] explaining your interest and we will give you a group of plants you could score data for.

Even though the first phase of the VKC project is only for the taxa distributed in the US, we anticipate this project will set the base for ultimate goal, the Global Virtual Key to the Compositae (GVKC).