Arctotideae - Arctotidinae

Shrubs, shrublets, and herbs without latex; leaves alternate; heads radiate; involucre campanulate, cylindric or urceolate, bracts imbricate, outer with foliaceous tips, inner with scarious tips; receptacle mostly naked, smooth or shallowly honeycombed; ray florets often brightly col- ored, usually female, corollas 3-lobed; disc corollas shal- lowly 5-lobed; anther apical appendage short, rounded, soft, wrinkled, thecae with spurs (calcarate) and no tails (ecaudate), endothecium radial, collar usually inconspic- uous; pollen echinate, oblate-spheroidal; styles with a thickened apical portion, sweeping hairs small patent, broadly subulate, much longer in a ring below the bi- furcation; achenes flattened, ribbed, sometimes winged; pappus of uni- or biseriate scales.

Diagnostic Features

Radial anther endothecium, incon- spicuous anther collar; apically thickened styles, small, patent and broadly subulate sweeping hairs; and pappus scale cells very long and with abaxially reinforced walls.

Geographic distribution

Mainly southern Africa.