Arctotideae - Gorteriinae

Shrubs, shrublets or herbs with latex; leaves usually al- ternate, with spines or longitudinally striate hairs; heads generally radiate; involucre campanulate, cylindric, ur- ceolate or obconic, bracts connate, herbaceous; receptacle deeply alveolate with projections along alveole margins; ray florets sterile, corollas usually 4-lobed; disc corol- las with sclerified lobe margins; apical anther appendage firm, rather short, thecae with spurs (calcarate) and with (caudate) or without tails (ecaudate), endothecium with- out lateral wall thickenings or some polarized; pollen echinate, sublophate or lophate generally oblate-sphe- roidal; styles with clavate or subulate-ensiform sweeping hairs, longer in a ring below the bifurcation; achenes somewhat flattened, usually ribbed; pappus usually of uni- or biseriate scales.

Diagnostic Features

Latex; connate involucral bracts; deeply alveolate receptacles; 4-lobed, sterile ray florets; and disc corolla lobes with sclerified margins.

Geographic distribution

Southern Africa.