Catamixis (incertae sedis)

Shrubs without latex; leaves alternate; heads ligulate, small (6 florets); involu- cre turbinate, bracts scarcely imbricate, gradate, without hyaline margins; receptacle naked, more or less alveolate; corollas whitish to pale yellow, ligulate with five lobes, sinuses varying in depth; anther apical anther appendages narrow-triangular, acute to somewhat rounded, thecae with spurs (calcarate) and tails (caudate), laciniate; pol- len spinulose with widely dispersed spinules (<1 μm in height); styles slender, glabrous, branches relatively short (0.25 mm), apices slightly rounded, dorsally short papil- lose, at maturity style branches not recurving; achenes densely long-setuliferous/sericeous, apices acute; pappus setae uniseriate, long-barbellate, white.

Diagnostic Features

Small ligulate heads; distinctive leaves that are obovate, serrate with large teeth, pinnately veined and easily disarticulating; small pollen (30 μm); and phyllary apices, long-acute, often purplish.

Geographic distribution

Northern India and adjacent Nepal.