Scapose perennial herbs without latex; leaves alternate mainly rosulate; heads discoid, single- flowered; involucre cylindric, few-calyculate, two bracts, enclosing the floret, without hyaline margins; receptacle naked, flat; corollas pink to purplish or white with five oblong to linear lobes of equal size; anther apical append- age reduced, thecae blackish, shortly sagittate (calcarate) and without tails (ecaudate); pollen echinate, caveate, non-lophate; styles slender, apex tapering gradually to a slightly rounded point, short hairs on the back side of linear style branches and upper part of shaft, at maturity style branches recurving; achene oblong, terete or sub- compressed, densely pubescent; pappus of basally connate short scales and/or discrete fine bristles.

Diagnostic Features

Tufted parallel-veined leaves from a silky-hairy rhizome; involucres of two bracts; single- flowered capitula; and elongated, densely hirsute ovary.

Geographic distribution

The area occupied by the genus coincides with the Cape Floristic Region in South Africa.