Vine without latex; leaves alternate; heads discoid, large but few-flowered (9–12 florets); involucre cylindrical, multiseriate, bracts with- out hyaline margins but with median resiniferous duct; receptacle naked; corolla white with five lobes of equal size; anther apical appendage acute, thecae without spurs (ecalcarate) and with long tails (caudate); pollen spheri- cal, spinulose, caveate, baculate with ramified basal layer, without internal foramina; styles slender, branches elon- gate, apex blunt, hairs inconspicuous, at maturity style branches slightly reflexed; achenes subcylindrical, gla- brous, walls without large elongated epidermis crystal and without phytomelanin; pappus of uniseriate tawny capillary bristles.

Diagnostic Features

White hermaphroditic florets; leathery entire leaves; multiseriate involucre; and bracts with resiniferous duct.

Geographic distribution

Confined to Cuba.