Shrubs without latex; leaves alternate; heads with one or five florets, homogamous or with anthers aborted in functionally female florets; involucres cylin- drical, bracts green-brown with short hairs and small hyaline margins; corollas lavender to purplish, actino- morphic, 5-lobed, lobes elongate; anthers apical append- ages oblong-ovate, thecae spurred (calcarate) and short tailed (caudate); pollen spherical, echinate, non-lophate, non-caveate, with baculae not aligned with spines; styles slender below, swollen and scabrous above near branches, branches short, scabrous outside, with continuous stig- matic surface inside, branches in multiflowered heads spreading tangentially; achenes prismatic, 10–17-ribbed, with numerous twin hairs, idioblasts and raphids obscure, without phytomelanin; pappus capillary in ca. two series, outer somewhat shorter.

Diagnostic Features

Hairs simple; homogamous or gy- nodioecious florets; anthers spurred; styles swollen dis- tally with short scabrae, continuous stigmatic surface inside; achenes without phytomelanin; pollen echinate, non-lophate, non-caveate, with non-aligned baculae; leaf blades elliptical to obovate, with pinnate veins; endo- thecial cells with thickenings at upper and lower ends.

Geographic distribution

Restricted to Brazil.