Dwarf cushion-forming shrubs to small trees without latex; leaves alternate, mainly coriaceous; heads radiate, large (up to 1000 florets); involucre campanulate to urceolate, bracts imbricate often without hyaline mar- gins; receptacle epaleate, alveolate; corollas white, cream or pinkish-brown; ray corollas bilabiate with the inner lip coiled lobes; disc corollas often actinomorphic (rarely slightly zygomorphic), deeply 5-lobed; anthers apical ap- pendage acuminate, thecae with spurs (calcarate) and tails (caudate); pollen sub-oblate to prolate, echinate; style rather thick with very short branches, rounded at the apex, smooth to papillose, rarely with apical acute sweep- ing hairs; achenes narrowly ellipsoid to linear; pappus of scabrid to plumose bristles, pluriseriate.

Diagnostic Features

Woody plants with coriaceous leaves; large heads; bilabiate corollas; and short rounded style branches.

Geographic distribution

South Africa