Stifftieae - Hyaloseris clade

Shrubs or small trees without latex; leaves alternate to opposite, clustered in brachy- blasts; heads discoid or ligulate, small to large; involucres cylindrical to funnelform, bracts imbricate, multiseriate, inner longer than outer, without hyaline margins, in 4–6 series; receptacle epaleate, surface unknown; florets iso- morphic or with transitional corollas in the same head, bisexual, corollas yellow, white, purplish, ligulate corol- las with shallowly 5-dentate limb, occasionally some seg- ments partially connate, sub-bilabiate (4 + 1 corolla lips), rarely bilabiate; anther apical appendages acute, theceae with spurs (calcarate) and with long laciniate, papillose tails (caudate); pollen psilate, subprolate; styles slender, bifid, branches dorsally papillose, remainder of style gla- brous, recurving when mature; achenes obovate, angled in cross-section, glabrous to pubescent; pappus of scabrid, capillary bristles.

Diagnostic Features

Two genera of woody plants of south-central South America with leaves clustered in brachyblasts; heads ligulate.

Geographic distribution

Bolivia and Argentina